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‘Big Bang Theory’ Star Cast in ‘Rings’ Prequel

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With TV currently being in somewhat of a golden age, it’s not hard to imagine that Hollywood would pluck out a star of a popular series to use as a big name in an upcoming horror film. That said, Deadline reports that Paramount has chosen just about the last TV star you might expect to appear in a horror property: The Big Bang Theory co-lead Johnny Galecki.

Big Bang Theory - Johnny Galecki

Galecki has signed on to play Gabriel in the Ring prequel Rings, a professor who assists lead characters Holt and Julia with their quest to survive the curse of Samara Morgan’s infamous videotape. Gabriel is described as both “handsome” and “pleasure-seeking”, and is said to be a major departure from the role of geeky scientist Leonard Hofstader on Big Bang.

Surprisingly enough, this won’t be Galecki’s first venture into our genre, as the actor played a small role in late-90’s slasher I Know What You Did Last Summer. Outside of being killed by The Fisherman though, Rings will mark the former Roseanne star’s first attempt at a quasi-leading role in a horror film. It’ll be interesting to see if Rings gives Galecki the chance to show off the emotional range he demonstrated earlier in his career, before the Big Bang beast consumed him.

Rings hits theaters on November 13, 2015.

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