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[Beyond Fest 2020] Review ‘PG: Psycho Goreman’ Is a Heartwarming and Heart Ripping Family Classic

by Jacob Davison

Every child dreams of having a fantastical, magical friend to brighten their lives and to go on adventures with. Like E.T., or Gizmo, or even Mac. But what if some kids ended up befriending the ultimate evil?


Brother and sister Luke (Owen Myre, NOS4A2) and Mimi (Nita-Josee Hanna, Books of Blood) are two ordinary kids living an ordinary existence in their ordinary suburban neighborhood. Mimi is hotheaded and likes to boss her older, more passive brother around and play their made-up sport ‘Crazy Ball.’ One night, they find a strange steel coffin buried under their backyard which Mimi unwittingly opens. Unleashing a cosmic force of eternal darkness though to be buried for millennia… who they dub as Psycho Goreman! Or P.G. for short. With Mimi and Luke gaining control over the greatest threat in the cosmos through his magic gem, they’ll teach him the meaning of friendship whether he likes it or not. While being stalked by enemies and allies from the cold reaches of space!

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Psycho Goreman comes to us from Steven Kostanski, the director who brought us genre busting movies like The VoidManborg, and the most recent entry in the Leprechaun franchise; Leprechaun Returns. So it should come as no surprise that P.G. (Which most likely will receive an ‘R’ rating for some spectacular violence) is a movie that defies expectation. It’s a family fantasy comedy where the new ‘member of the family’ is an unholy killing machine. But despite rampant mass murder and threatening planetary genocide, Psycho Goreman develops a lot of heart… while ripping people’s heads off.


The creature and practical FX from Kostanski and co. is exemplary. Reminding me of Japanese Sentai shows and Power Rangers in terms of design but with the violence and action of their darker contemporaries like Zeiram and Hakaider. There is seemingly no limit to P.G.’s dark, magical abilities and he gleefully makes the most of it to either execute his foes or annoyances with over the top bloodshed or subject them to comically diabolical fates worse than death. All to the bemusement of his newfound kid friends/masters. Making for some entertaining fights once P.G. has to face off with his sworn enemies and and other foes from outer space. Leading to some very memorable face shredding, body devouring and blood geyser induced brawls. It only makes me want Kostanski to get even larger budgets and more resources to work with. His career has been marked by being able to do so much with a little, and with the ability to do so I’m certain he could unleash a world of horrors. In the best way imaginable.

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The cast of characters shine even in P.G.’s bombastic and eternally dark shadow. Nita-Josee Hanna stands out as the leader of the siblings and providing a reservoir of energy that would be expected of any kid who would manage to control a being of unimaginable power. Conversely, Owen Myre does well as the more grounded older brother who has a better realization of the sheer horror they are unleashing and the collateral damage it’s causing around them. It makes for a fun dynamic as they better acquaint themselves with Psycho Goreman who repeatedly threatens to eviscerate them… but may slowly begin to grow fond of them?


As well, for fans of Kostanski and Astron-6’s earlier work, expect to see and hear a lot of familiar faces and voices from the former film collective. Adam Brooks plays the lazy sitcom dad archetype to its most cartoonish and dysfunctional levels, even when confronted with the cosmic weirdness invading his home life. As for Psycho Goreman himself, he’s a villain audiences will immediately warm up to. Like a Dragon Ball Z villain crossed with a rogue Cenobite forced to endure the childish whims of his new masters, his frustrations at his lot in life make for a lot of laughs. He has an interesting arc as the evil overlord is humbled by his experience and slowly but surely warms up to Luke and Mimi. While still wanting to horribly kill them and the human race. Old habits die hard, and all.


With an amusing blend of childhood fantasy escapism along with bonkers gore and fights, Psycho Goreman is sure to be a movie that is sure to amuse audiences of all ages. That is if parents are cool and allow their kids to watch it. Which they should.


Psycho Goreman will be available in theaters and on VOD on January 22nd, 2021


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