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Beware of Alien Space Monsters: Reality Show Sending Human Beings to Mars

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In the present time, we watch reality shows to see teen moms deal with their emotional baggage and faux celebrities drink their sorrows away. In the near future, however, reality show viewers just might find out the answer to an age-old question: in space, can anyone hear you scream?

As reported by NBC News, Dutch-based Mars One is currently working on a reality television series that will send 24 contestants to Mars, booking them a one-way trip to the Red Planet. Yes, the actual Mars: where no man has EVER gone before.

The list of contestants has been narrowed down to 100 – 50 men and 50 women – and the reality show is being designed to cut it down to the final 24. Their goal? To set up a permanent colony on Mars. And oh yea. They can NEVER come back to Earth, no matter what they find there.

The actual mission to Mars (hey, didn’t John Carpenter make a really bad movie about this?) is expected to begin as early as 2024. Doubters say that the venture is quite unrealistic and “overly optimistic,” though Mars One is pretty hellbent on allowing TV viewers to watch people die on a dangerous planet.

Check out a trailer for this madness below, where potential contestants wax poetic about the possibility of being consumed by alien beasts. I’ve seen enough sci-fi/horror movies to know that this does not end well. So good luck, contestants. Hope you get to live out your dream of dying on Mars.

[youtube id=”xxS7dCMBvSI”]

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