You’d Better Watch ‘Better Watch Out’ Before the Holidays End

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There’s really nothing better than a Christmas horror movie, and just a few years ago, Krampus took things to new heights of holiday horror enjoyment. We must’ve all been decently nice because the world was also gifted A Christmas Horror Story that same year. The entertainment world was abuzz during the most wonderful time of the year with visions of horror, monsters, and death.

Then the next year we got nothing noteworthy. A big lump of coal instead.

Thankfully, 2017 brings us the wide release of Better Watch Out, a movie that’s given me hope again in the realm of Christmas horror. While it’s nowhere near as big as 2015’s Krampus, and I’m not sure it’ll make the same impact, it’s a film that with nonetheless scratch your itch for horror during the holidays, amping up the bloodshed and deranged situation to an unprecedented degree.

Better Watch Out is now streaming on Shudder, and as a subscriber, I’ve had no choice but to finally check it out. Let me tell you this, my friends, it does not disappoint. There are some big details I can’t give away, but let’s make one thing clear: this is not going to go the way you think. (Yes, I’m still buzzing from The Last Jedi).

Seriously – I can’t stress it enough – the movie takes a turn that I really did not think it would make, and it’s all the better for it. What’s even better is that it ends on a note that allows for an even more demented and gory sequel, which I would welcome with open arms, holiday sweater and all.

If you’ve got some free time this weekend, choose Better Watch Out instead of a repeat viewing of Black Christmas. Christmas horror is an amazing thing, and we’re currently in a serious drought. The more, the better, and the only way to accomplish this is by streaming or purchasing great movies such as this. Load up on some eggnog, pull up your Shudder account, and get ready for some fun.

Better Watch Out is directed by Chris Peckover and stars Olivia DeJonge, Stranger Things’ Levi Miller, and Ed Oxenbould.

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