It’s been a long time since a television show has come along and captivated us here at, like that of NBC’s HANNIBAL.

This show manages to successfully entertain and scare us on a psychological level, a visual level, and a gore level.  We wrote a piece earlier this year about the beautiful imagery in Hannibal.  Be sure to give it a read here.

hannibal eat the rude

If you’re needing a quick reminder of how visually stunning this show is, watch last year’s trailer for Season 2.

[youtube id=”FtDb89c7rWA” align=”center”]

The captivating images are heightened by the amazing performances by the entire cast. I feel like every phrase spoken could be pulled from philosophers’ works such as Nietzsche or Martin Heidegger.



This show is truly amazing TV. With season 3 just around the corner, make sure you catch up on any episodes you may have missed.

“The sequences are like art. Much like the books. And the acting is just superb. It’s reignited my love for Lecter.” – iHorror writer Patti Pauley

“It’s visually the best show on television, and for a program where we essentially know what is going to happen (eventually that is), it’s riveting.” – iHorror writer Shaun Cordingley


From all of us here at CONGRATS HANNIBAL on being our pick for #1 TV series in 2014!