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Best 8 Horror Films Of 2017 – Jacob Davison’s Picks

by Jacob Davison

Horror is king. An undeniable fact as the genre dominates the box office time and time again. Much like its many monsters and madmen, the horror genre cannot stay dead!

Be it as a comfort during troubling times, outstanding stories, or just bloody good entertainment, horror continues to be a massive draw for audiences. And with so many great movies in 2017, there’s a lot to be drawn to.

As the year draws to a close, I’ve picked the eight films I’ve seen that stood out above the rest!

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A cop and the skeleton crew of a closing, isolated hospital find themselves under siege by knife-wielding cultists and a variety of unspeakable horrors.

The Void does what so many throwback movies lack, creating something new from tried and true tropes and staples of the genre. Never outright referencing older works, but creating an original tale that is evocative of them, such as Carpenter, Fulci, Romero and so on.

It’s a menagerie of creepy atmospheres, forbidding extradimensional terror, and some of the best recent practical creature and gore FX I’ve seen!



A former employee and a former client scale a law office in chaos in order to get revenge on the bosses that screwed them over while everyone’s infected with an inhibition loosening virus. An action horror hybrid that delivers exactly what it promises.

While there have been a few ‘officeploitation’ movies as of late, this one delivers with a bold message while delivering some serious brawls, blood, and laughs.


As the movie is still currently on its road show tour, I want to keep mum on as many of the gory details as possible, but this is a fantastic continuation of the franchise and a genuinely entertaining modern slasher movie.

Victor is back, he’s got his trademark hatchet, and he knows how to use it! It’s a perfect distillation of what made the prior films so fun and entertaining with guts, quirky characters, and thrills.

IT (2017)

A group of kids realize an insidious, shapeshifting clown is terrorizing their small town and must band together to stop IT. This was pretty much a given, but still deserves note.

IT is a brilliant adaptation of the Stephen King classic, taking some new twists and turns along the way. Bill Skarsgard’s Pennywise dances his way into a shared nightmare in pop culture.


A young African American man goes up into the country to meet his white girlfriend’s parents, but not is all that it seems. The genre debut of Jordan Peele – known more for his work in comedy – was a box office and critical smash hit.

Get Out tackles racial issues in America through the lens of a modern sci-fi/horror classic using tropes to tackle those issues while simultaneously subverting story expectations.


An aspiring actress tries to gain internet fame and get back at those who wronged her. Many horror films tackle modern societal trends or issues to varying degrees of success, but this indie horror comedy manages to hit all the right points!

Told in a completely first person POV through cameras and go-pros, the audience follows Jennifer as the pressures of attempted fame and repeated humiliations drive her to the breaking point.


In the 1970’s, a government-military expedition is sent to investigate the mysterious Skull Island, encountering the land’s god, Kong. A modern kaiju/giant monster movie that delivers what all films of this particular sub-genre should: armies fighting monsters, monsters fighting monsters, and just a whole zoo of giant creatures!

The post Vietnam War aesthetic and 70’s influence – and the soundtrack in particular – makes the film stand out as a period piece with a unique setting. Kong himself stands out as he’s presented in his largest incarnation yet!


At the height of the Cold War, a mute woman working at a government testing facility becomes enamored with the aquatic creature being kept locked up. The Shape of Water is another classic from Guillermo del Toro, telling an unorthodox love story between two people quite literally from other worlds.

While not a truly horrifying film, it does highlight how the evils of men can be far greater and frightening than the threat of a fantasy creature. Featuring an ensemble cast and beautiful cinematography, this movie quite literally brought me to tears!

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