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Dad’s usually get the short end of the stick as parental holidays go. But the guys over at ALTER have made a love letter to them in A Father’s Day, a bloody zombie apocalypse father/daughter reunion short.

Directed by Mat Johns, the film instantly puts the audience in the middle of a zombie horde eating the remains of a poor soul laying in the middle of the street. A seemingly just-bitten teenage girl lumbers by and catches the bloodshot eye of an undead man who instinctually recognizes her as his daughter.

Things get heartwarming (and bloody) from there in this touching film which through its gruesome narrative reminds us that love continues well after we are dead and unburied.

With a sweeping score and award-worthy cinematography, A Father’s Day will remind you that dad will always offer you a hand when you need it even if it belonged to someone else.

Take a look. Happy Father’s Day.