Best horror TV shows of 2018

Best 7 Horror TV Shows of 2018 – Mike Joyce’s Picks

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Horror TV shows ruled in 2018. While movies like “Hereditary,” “A Quiet Place,” and “Halloween” wowed critics and audiences in theaters, horror shows dominated on cable networks, premium channels and streaming platforms.

I’ve compiled my list of seven shows that stood out. While some may not be considered traditional horror, they all share horror elements and they’re all quality shows that horror fans will enjoy.

7. Ash vs. Evil Dead

Season 3 was Ash’s swan song, with STARZ canceling the show and Bruce Campbell announcing he’d be retiring from playing Ash. While it was a bittersweet farewell, it’s still amazing that we got to enjoy three whole seasons of “Evil Dead” insanity at all.

Best horror TV shows of 2018, Castle Rock

6. Castle Rock

One of the things that makes “Castle Rock” great is that it’s not held to the standards of an adaptation— it’s a whole new story that touches upon different characters in the larger Stephen King universe. That gives J.J. Abrams the freedom to tell his own story, a love letter to King’s works.

Mike watched "Night of the Living Dead" on PBS when he was a little kid, and he thought it was a documentary. He's been hooked on horror ever since. By day, Mike is a UX writer. He lives in the Boston area with his wife and their golden retriever.