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Best 18 Horror Films of 2018 – Glenn Packard Picks

by Glenn Packard

I know you all don’t have time to read (trust me when I say I get you!) so I will just get to the point. Plus I know you’re all googling best horror films of 2018, so you just need us to list them, so here you go! The best of 2018 and a little something I felt about them.

HAPPY HORROR- Glenn Packard

1. Hereditary

This by far gave me all the wants I need in a horror film, I think my mouth was dropped open in shock for most of it, Toni Collette better get a oscar nomination for this role. Just eerie in all departments here. You have to see this movie alone in the dark! This years Exorcist for me. Shocking creepy good!

2. The Ritual

Netflix best horror original of 2018 was early in the year and its a great visual horror with the buddy factor going on. This film is creepy good.

3. Revenge

This kick ass final girl horror film of the year. Loved this movie and female lead. I can’t wait to see more of her in the years to come.

4. The Night Comes For Us

This is the action horror that gets me all excited like the Raid films.

5. UpGrade

On the edge of your seat action pack horror film with some kick ass imagery and gore, a must see for any horror action fans out there.

6.  A Quiet Place

Main Stream horror done right and great acting and monsters.

7. Veronica

The best foreign horror of 2018, this was some scary shit on Netflix! These Nuns were the scary ones this year.

8. Searching

I figured this would be one of those lets try a new age social media horror again, but it was done so good and the right way all the way up to the suspenseful ending!

9. Overlord

Was hoping for this horror movie to kick ass, and it did. Great cast and great horror moments, one of horror films to watch right now!

10. Halloween

I hoped for better but I got some happy camper horror moments in this long awaited Halloween film with Laurie and the Halloween family.

11. Summer of 84

Taking you back to the 80’s is a horror fans dream…this is just what the horror doctor ordered! And stay for the ending…wow!

12. Anna And The Apocalypse

Christmas, Gore, Horror Comedy, Dance Routines & Blood…sign me up.

13. What Keeps You Alive

Do you ever know who you fall in love with? LGBT horror film of 2018.

14. Mandy

Hard to say this but one of the only Nicholas Cage performances and movies I would recommend. Loved this movie, okay already changed my mind, I didn’t like Nicholas Cage performance…bluh.

15. The Endless

What did I just watch Horror film this year.

16. Hell Fest

Slasher horror gold, a horror film in 2018 for every teenage out there.

17. The Meg

Go back to being a kid going to the movies to see Jaws, and this movie will scare the crap out of you and make you not wanna go in the water again.

18. The Haunting of Hill House

Okay not a movie but look at it as a 8 hour epic horror film, that you have to take some breaks to watch! It just so good I had to include it on my list.

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