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Beetlejuice 2 Will Be a Direct Sequel to 1988 Film, Says Writer

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All was quiet on the Beetlejuice 2 front for quite some time, prior to that silence being shattered last month. Not only did Tim Burton confirm that the film is finally getting off the ground but Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder both expressed interest in reprising their roles, which needless to say was music to our ears.

The man hired by Burton to pen the screenplay is Seth Grahame-Smith, whose previous film credits include Dark Shadows and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the screenwriter spilled some beans about the hotly-anticipated sequel, giving us some idea of what we can expect from it.

Grahame-Smith told the news outlet that his Beetlejuice film will indeed be a direct sequel to the 1988 classic, set in the present day. He said he has no interest in completely rebooting the property, and he also confirmed that Michael Keaton will once again be donning the pin-striped suit.

How much of Beetlejuice can we expect to see, in the ghost with the most’s second cinematic outing? Word is that Graham-Smith’s screenplay will be taking a ‘less is more’ approach with the character, and he noted that Beetlejuice didn’t appear until almost the midpoint, in the original film.

As we reported last month, Winona Ryder is very eager to reprise the role of Lydia Deetz, and Burton has all but confirmed that she too is officially on board.

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