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Battle Royale of the Undead: ‘Dying Light: Bad Blood’

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Dying Light is one of the most innovative games to hit both the survival horror and zombie genres with its 2015 release.

Techland had set out to follow through with their vision of an open-world-zombie game that that emphasized adrenaline inducing parkour, enormous environments, and hordes of the undead that posed a threat to players who may choose to venture out at night.

Setting itself apart from the likes of DeadrisingLeft 4 DeadResident Evil, and DayZDying Light emphasized speed and agility as the player’s main (and best) asset to survive, and to combat zombies.

While Dying Light’s visuals and combat mechanics are similar to Techland’s previous project – Dead Island – the movement and parkour aspects of the game are what set an enormous creative divide between the two games.

Dying Light

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Certainly, smashing a zombie’s head in with a sledgehammer is sick and all. But I must ask, how can that compare to the excitement of bounding off the rooftop of a tin hut, baseball-sliding towards a shambling corpse, using the momentum to dropkick said corpse off a hillside, spin around to shock a small group of infected with your high voltage machete, and then scale the side of a house to seek shelter before the super-powered-hybrid zombies emerge from the encroaching darkness of dusk to tear you asunder?

Dying Light Kill

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All of my gushing aside, Dying Light is worth it’s salt as a zombie-survival horror title, which is why the new installment in the series warrants this degree of geeking out.

It’s apparent that the battle royale genre in the video game market has become the next target for game design due to games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite garnering unreal amounts of views on Twitch and YouTube.

Now, Techland wants to throw their hat into the ring with Dying Light: Bad Blood, but their variation is not a copycat of the aforementioned titles.

Bad Blood

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Taking place in the same setting as the original Dying Light, Techland’s Dying Light: Bad Blood reduces the player lobby size to 6 in contrast to 15 or more.

Players are dropped into the map, and have only one way out: a helicopter ride for one. In order for someone to escape the map, they will need to collect blood packets as payment for the ride to safety.

Dying Light Bad Blood

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Blood packets must be gathered until the player reaches level 5 with their quantity. Contestants will be forced to start literally bare handed, but can acquire weapons and armor by exploring the environment.

The blood packets are earned quickest by killing zombies, especially by eliminating nests of the infected, as well as killing boss zombies. However, one may acquire the packets by simply killing other players.

As previously mentioned, players who are killed lose everything, including their blood packets. If you are taken out by another player, everything you lost is now theirs: armor, weapons, various useful items, and especially those sweet, sweet blood packets.

Battle Royale

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When it comes to combatting against other players, the options for dealing with them seem endless.

While you can simply just assault them brute force with a weapon, you can also catch them off guard while they are focused on obtaining blood packets from a boss zombie; trap them in hordes of the undead; use naturally dangerous items that occur in the environment (transformers and exploding barrels); or temporarily team up with other players to out other competitors. In the end, it’s really up to how cunning you are capable of being.

All of the features mentioned will be added onto Dying Light‘s pre-existing mechanics and gameplay, which have (arguably) aged well considering it’s been about 3 years since its initial release.

As reported by Gameinformer, the Dying Light: Bad Blood should be releasing on PS4, Xbox, and PC this year at some point this year.

There was also another battle-royal game Hunt: Showdown released recently. If you enjoy bayous, bounty hunters, and gnarly monsters, you should check out our article covering the early-access steam release Hunt: Showdown.

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