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By: Don Cob – Bates Motel Blogger

The show opens up with the body of Zack Shelby being carried away. Sheriff Romero listens to Norma as she explains what happened. The Sheriff wants to know more about Abernathy, and Dylan remembers that he got registration information about him. As Norman and Dylan take out the bloody mattress (and Norma takes out the sheets) Norma smells someone smoking pot. Thus Norma must address the hippies (known as ‘Trimmers’) who are outside the motel, but don’t know why she cares. After all, this is what the town makes it’s money off of.


Everybody (except Norma) apparently knows just how crooked this town really is. Norma not only puts a stop to the trimmers smoking pot, but she makes it clear that she is unhappy with all the dirty secrets of this town. “We’re Moving!” Norma declares as she storms off. Norman expressing on his face a true unhappiness over it.

Suddenly we’re tossed into a dream sequence. Where Bradley is laying in a tub, wearing a green dress. Bradley opens her eyes to have Norman reach into the water and start choking her. The dream ends and Norman awakens…I wonder if this was a ‘wet dream’. In town Bradley sees Dylan and starts up a conversation with him. Apparently Bradley’s dad has an office where Gil works and Bradley wants to get in there to get some personal belongings. Dylan agrees, though I feel something is up with this. I mean, why didn’t Bradley just go to Gil about it?

Dylan meets with Bradley in a diner. He says it would be better to for him to just box up the stuff and bring it to her. However Bradley gives him a sap story of how her mom threw away all her dad’s stuff, and how she wants to see it just the way it was again. Dylan folds like a deck of cards(something is absolutely up here).

Norma returns to the realtor and demands not only her money back, but wants an open house that upcoming Sunday. The realtor seeing how angry Norma is agrees. At school, Norman gets news from Miss Watson that he is getting straight A’s. And, his short story was so good that she is gonna send it to a friend to see if it can get published. Later that night, Dylan stops in to see Norman, who has brought home Juno (the dog is completely stuffed). Dylan is a little creeped out by this. Norman explains his dream of drowning Bradley. Checking it out on the internet Norman finds it relates to being overwhelmed.

The next day the trimmers (hippies) are ‘processing weed’, Dylan comes through their work are with more weed plants. He stops Gil to bring up Bradley Martin’s dad office. Gil makes it clear that she is an unwelcome guest, but thinks Dylan just wants the office to himself. Thus Gil agrees that Dylan can have it, and he can throw whatever is in the office out.
Norma gets with the realtor and demands for her money back.

norman bates motel review underwater

Emma working the desk at the motel must confront a hippie over smoking in the front of the motel. This hippie (Gunner) offers Emma a weed muffin. Emma refuses, but clearly Gunner has a thing for her (teenagers). Norman gets help with reworking his short story with Miss Watson. The teacher brings up how he will need his mom’s okay since he is a minor. Norman says okay to this, but he should think about lying over it (this is just another thing for his mom to say no to).

Back at the motel the sheriff finally comes to see the horrible evidence that Norma is claiming is from Abernathy. The Sheriff being a professional as always, says he is unable to do anything without more concrete evidence. Emma bored at the motel eats a weed-filled muffin (a gift from Gunner that was left at the desk). While Norma addresses to Norman about moving to a wonderful place in Hawaii, Emma all high comes up to ramble on about random stuff. This gets Norman off from calling his mom crazy.

Dylan sneaks Bradley into the shop, after a slight hiccup with Remo (who shoots horribly by the way). They get to Jerry Martin’s old office. Within Bradley starts talking about a watch, but finds some dirty love letters. Reading one Bradley immediately bolts outside. Dylan follows, Bradley’s father was cheating on someone known only as ‘B’. Who could it be?

Norman admits to Miss Watson that they shouldn’t publish the story, for his mother would never approve. Miss Watson  knows kinda of what Norman is going through and he doesn’t really need her approval. Norma goes to the realtor again only to find out that there is no market for the motel, not with the bypass being made. Unable to get her money back Norma threatens to sue and the realtor-only for him to admit that he is in debt, lives with his girlfriend, and his mom owns his car. So Norma gives him a very deserving hit with her purse, multiple times.

Norma returning to her car, she finds she just got a speed ticket. Thinking what else could go wrong? Out comes Abernathy from the back seat! Covering her mouth and holding a gun to her neck, Abernathy demands what is his. We finally find out now what he has been looking for. $150,000 has gone missing from the last batch of girls that were sold. Abernathy believes that she has it, so he gives her an ultimatum: tomorrow night or he will kill her sons then her. Norma has no other choice but agree. I knew he was selling those sex slaves!