Bates Motel “The Truth” Review

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By: Don Cob – Bates Motel Blogger

The beginning of this episode we see that Norma is in a state of shock, so much that she runs to her car in an attempt to go see Deputy Shelby. Norman pursues, and hops into the car. After a few doughnuts in the Bates Motel parking lot, Norma stops the car, and the craziness is over…for now. Dylan tells the whole truth to his boss Gil. The stare on this guys face is enough to tell how emotionless he is. The boss tells Dylan that he did a good job, stepping up in the moment. Gil now gives Dylan step-by-step instructions on where to bring the truck, and what to do with the truck. While Dylan stands there watching his friend’s truck burn, Remo arrives to pick him up. We now have learned that Dylan is to work with Remo, and that he has been doing it for  long time.

Back at the Motel, Emma is insisting on going to the police. Norma & Norman are coming up with excuses, and dancing around the reason why. Then Emma says they should call the FBI (this is actually a good idea). Norma though explains how she will talk to the sex slave when the time is right. Walking Emma to her car she admits that her mother left her 8 years ago, so it has been just her and her dad. This is a polar opposite to Norma & Norman’s situation. Emma embraces Norma in a hug, appreciating her. It takes a moment to sink in, and Norma promises Emma that they will go to the police. With Emma gone, Norma & Norman agree that they must find the belt.

Thus Norma is preparing for a night out with Shelby, that way she can get inside his house and look for it. Norma admits she is wrong, and at which this point her son asks if there is something wrong with him. Norma however says for him not to be so dramatic. Yeah Norman, murder happens to all teenagers these days, totally normal stuff. Then from behind them Dylan appears. Norman informs his brother about how they found the asian sex slave, and Shelby had it hidden in Keith Summer’s boat(that was a good idea on his part). Dylan taking lead commands Norman to show him, and that Norma doesn’t go anywhere or do anything until they get back.

While driving to Keith Summer’s boat, Dylan says he put the money down on a place. This is the ultimatum for Norman, he must now decide between his brother that he is only now getting to know, or his beloved mother. Dylan says that “You gotta let her go. She’ll only bring you down.” I couldn’t agree more. Norman instead of answering, diverts Dylan back to driving. So the Bates brothers hop onto the boat, and begin rummaging through everything. In an attempt to find this belt. While searching Dylan asks Norman how he thinks his dad died. Norman explains how he died, thinking nothing of it. Dylan however spills his story of how he thinks Norma killed him, took the insurance money and ran off. Norman defends her, and we learn more about his dad.

At the motel, Norma sees car lights and believe it to be her sons. It turns out to be Shelby, who has come for some lovin’. You can tell that she is somewhat disgusted of him now, knowing that he is a monster. Norma however keeps the smile going on throughout the ordeal. Deputy Shelby can tell that something is wrong,he hears the water running through the pipes, goes to see who is staying at the motel, and finds it’s the girl(Jaio) he had chained up.

Uh oh, Norma looks red handed in this ordeal. The girl(Jaio) goes running, and Shelby knocks Norma down to chase after her. Dylan and Norman show up, tell Norma the good news and the bad news: they found the belt and disposed of it. However Norman is to be leaving that night to stay with Dylan. Norman not too sure about this, the three of them argue until Shelby appears. He gets Dylan to drop his gun, and takes them all in the house where they can sort things out.

Here we see Shelby has now lost his cool. Trying to figure out what to do, Shelby blames the whole thing on Norman. As his mother tries to calm him down Shelby hits her. Norman quiet and frozen, is falling from grace. After hitting Norma a second time Norman snaps, attacks Shelby making him drop Dylan’s gun. Dylan immediately goes for it and this starts a shoot-off between the two.
Norma goes to comfort her son, who is now passed out. Dylan is able to hit Shelby in the ankle, but runs out of ammo. This makes Dylan race off to the second floor with his back pack. Norma takes this opportunity to bring her son outside, with no other choice, she
calls 911.

After a few more shots we see Shelby leave the motel, but only to fall dead at the stairs. Dylan shortly behind, Norma embraces her son. Dylan says he is gonna tell the police everything. Norma however says he doesn’t know everything, and thus tells what really
happened with his father. FLASHBACK! Norma is getting grilled by her husband over spending money on curtains, meanwhile Norman tries to dull out the abusive noise with a blender. I guess it had happened to much, his father beating her or treating someone he cared for like trash. Norman knocks him over the head(just like Keith Summers). Norma tries to get her son’s attention, sees that Norman is in a trance. Leading her son to his bedroom, she takes care of her once husband. Looks like the knock on the head was fatal. Thus Norma sets up the garage to make it look like shelves crashed onto him.

When Norman came to, he didn’t remember doing anything to his father. Norma is protecting her son for he protects her. Now for Dylan’s ultimatum: he can help with protecting Norman, or get out of the way. This episode gives us new information along with a great amount of action and excitement.