Bates Motel “The Man in Number 9”

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By: Don Cob – Bates Motel Blogger

Sheriff Romero answers to the 911 call that Norma made, he ascends the stairs to find the dead body of deputy Zack Shelby. Nothing the Bates family can do now, except telling the truth. The Sheriff, surprises everybody there(along with myself) by creating a false story line. This new story includes Romero knowing that Shelby was dirty, and had confronted Shelby before they had an intense shootout. Oh and Dylan, got shot because he got in the crossfire. Dylan doesn’t like how the Sheriff is stealing his spotlight, but everybody is happy in the end.

Before going to school Norma gets her son to fix the lattice, there under the house is a small dog. Norman throws the dog what was left of his bread, and the dog runs off. Was Norman thinking of hurting that dog with the hammer in his hand? Inside Dylan tells Norma how he still plans on leaving, and has no idea how to help her with Norman and his ‘issues’. Norma is taken by surprise and what was once joy has now turned into sadness.

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Norma drives around to try to get the word out on Bates Motel opening soon. The owner of this restaurant breaks her heart, letting her know that everybody has heard about what has happened at the motel. And it is already tainted. So later on that night, Norma is closing up shop and sees a strange man hanging around room 9. This stranger is looking for a room, and Norma is happy to oblige(even though the Motel is technically not open yet). When Dylan arrives, he knocks on room 9 to get the registration information. The man is Mr.Abernathy, and he pays with fresh crisp 100 dollar bills. Dylan a little creeped out by Abernathy, who said he was in “sales”. Does he mean sales of kidnapped Chinese women?

Norman helping Dylan with getting some supplies, this is where Norman finally tells Dylan that he doesn’t want to move in with him. Dylan just shrugs it off as nothing, then Dylan meets Bradley. Oh yeah, Norman got his groove on with the super popular girl in school. Later on that day, Norma answers a knock on the door. It’s Emma, and she has come to see Norman. Her wanna be boyfriend however doesn’t want to see her. Emma hearing this news is broken hearted, and Norma now feeling guilty decides to take her with to do some gathering of stuff in town. While out and about in their travels, Emma points out Bradley to Norma. All Norma can do while Bradley does yoga is visualize all the sexual acts that they did together. When Norma returns to the motel, Norman is there feeding that stray dog again. Norma immediately kills the mood by telling him “you don’t know anything about that dog. don’t know where shes been or what she been doing, stay away from her.” I wonder if Norma is talking about the dog or Bradley.

bates motel

At the dinner table Norma finally talks to her son about sex, about Bradley. And while she may be on the offensive, this ends when Norman admits that he “really likes her”. However Norman doesn’t like the control she has over him, and storms out. Norman goes and confronts Bradley. However she doesn’t feel the same way about him. Saying “I shouldn’t of done it, with someone like you.” Man everybody is against Norman today. So as Bradley chases down Norman, the teenage boy seems to be on the brink of breaking. This is prevented however by Bradley apologizing and giving him a big hug. Just across from the motel, Norman sees and calls out to his dog(which he has named Juno). The dog gets ran over, Norman while carrying the dead dog admits to his mom that he was wrong, about everything.