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For a season ending episode, Midnight had it’s share of drama, action, sadness along with comedy. We find out Norma’s back story, and that because of her issues in her past, her mind is still of a child. However I feel this episode could have been done a lot better. Now enough with my rambling, here is my review of the last episode for season one.

At the start of this episode we see Norma race to the police station where she is calling for Sheriff Romero (aaaaaagain)! Norma explains to him about Abernathy and his demand for $150K. Sheriff simply putting it as “I’ll take care of it” leaves the owner of Bates Motel even more worried. For Norma has very huge trust issues, thus with no other explanation from the Sheriff, Norma feels she is on her own.

bates motel finale

At school Emma is staring at the newly posted banner for the Winter Formal. Norman walks up beside Emma, and encourages her to go. While Emma says no, she has this little smirk. Norman then offers to go with her, thus it is clear just how much she wants to go with him.

The therapist (Dr.Kurata) opens his door and is surprised to see Norma waiting for him. Norma had not scheduled another appointment, so this was very unexpected. Regardless the doctor sees Norma (can’t turn down someone in help right?), and immediately Norma explains she is looking for ways to deal with stress. Dr. Kurata gets Miss Bates to talk about her childhood, which Norma stalls before giving him some general-useless information (her dad always being there and always kind. Her mom ran a bakery and always came home smelling like cookies). When the questions probed deeper Norma quickly gets unsettled, and develops an upset stomach and escapes before having to answer anymore personal questions.

Back at school Norman listens in to Miss Watson as she argues with someone on the phone. Miss Watson unaware of Norman being there, is very emotional from this call. Miss Watson begs Norman not to tell anyone about what he heard. Norman originally had came in to say that he didn’t want to publish his story after all. Miss Watson hugs Norman and says that they now have a secret together. She stopped this sweet embrace, for maybe she felt she was going too far.

We see Romero park in an alley and open a garage door (whether this is his house or not, is up for debate), the Sheriff jets to a box, where he knows to look, to find a bag full of cash. This actually makes sense, for if he was childhood friends with Keith Summers, he would know of important things like that. After this the Sheriff goes to see Keith Summer’s sister (Maggie). Romero knowing that Maggie helped keep the books clean at the motel (during it’s time of being used for the sex slave trades). Romero asks Maggie about Abernathy (who she knows as Joe), the only thing she knows about him is that he runs the same sort of business in four other towns along the coast. Romero assures Maggie that is she keeps her mouth shut, nothing will happen to her.


Dylan swings by the hotel with a handgun for Norma (this is something she asked of him earlier, but Dylan refused saying she and guns is not a good combination). Dylan then escorts his mom to do some target practice. Norma gets Dylan to tell her what he really does for a living. Norma of course not happy with how he protects weed crops, Dylan is a grown up and her opinions are meaningless. Norma ignoring Dylan’s instructions at first, got better with a gun after Dylan tried to comfort her.

A  knocking comes at the door of the Bates house, and Norman answers with a big smile. Standing there before him is Bradley. Norman’s happiness soon fades when he realizes she’s there to see Dylan. Norman’s older brother had boxed up her dad’s belongings from the office. Norman quickly says he must return to his homework, but actually listens in from the next room. Bradley thanks Dylan for collecting the stuff, and they talk briefly about the ordeal of sneaking into the docks. Dylan seems to even be flirting with her “you can bother me anytime”. Listening in from the other room Norman is not happy with how the two of them are getting along.

That night, Norman is getting ready for the dance when he realizes he doesn’t have any dress socks. He begins a huge fight with Norma before Dylan breaks it up. Offering a pair of black socks that he owns, Norman explains that he is completely over Bradley (cause telling someone you are over a special person THREE TIMES for sure shows that); Norman even suggests that Dylan should ask her out. Dylan denies there is anything going on between them.

As the time  for the dance gets closer, Norma sits with Norman as he waits for Emma to arrive to pick him up. Norma feeling that she might die that night, confesses to her son about how she really grew up. How she was raised in Akron, Ohio, and how her brother made her have sex with him for years. Also her mother was “checked out of her body” and her dad was extremely violent. When her father came home early and caught Norma and her brother having sex, she panicked, and in that panic she knocked a hot iron onto her leg, leaving the scar. Norma wanting to not only get this off her chest but was happy to have somebody else know about it.

At the dance, Norman can’t take his eyes off of Bradley. When Emma finally confronts Norman about this, Norman denies it. Which only makes Emma more emotional as she decides to leave the dance, stranding Norman without a date or a ride. Just then Bradley’s boyfriend (Richard) asks Norman to step outside to chat. Richard demands that Norman should leave Bradley alone, and then gives Norman a cheap shot, knocking him to the ground.

Walking home in the pouring rain, Miss Watson pulls up and sees the damage done to Norman’s face. Miss Watson insists on giving him a ride, that way she can clean up the wounds before sending him home. Norman is okay with this, and hops into Miss Watson’s car.

Norma dressed in black  and carrying a bag (full of pillows) heads to the pier to meet Abernathy. However she sees Sheriff Romero pull up and quickly ducks for cover. Norma now listens in as Romero and Abernathy talk business. Romero while offering up the bag full of money, offers working together with Abernathy. While Romero’s take would be half, he can guarantee a professional, hassle free business, just as long as no one else is brought into the deal. Abernathy doesn’t say anything to this offer just yet, and when he reaches for the money, Romero pulls out his gun and shoots him down. Abernathy falls into the bay, in which Romero throws the bag full of money shortly after. Romero knowing Norma was hiding and listening in the entire time, tells Norma to go home.

At Miss Watson’s home, Norman gets patched up and warmed up with some tea. Miss Watson goes to change to take him home, but leaves the door to her bedroom open as she disrobes. Norman tries not to watch, but he can’t help it. Norma appears to him and tells him that Miss Watson knows exactly what she’s doing, and Norman knows what he needs to do.

Suddenly, Norman is running through the dark. He arrives home just as Norma does, and frantically tells her that he doesn’t know what happened. All he remembers is running home. Norma assures him that everything is going to be good, and they head inside to get a fire going.

At the ending scene, we get to see what has happened to Miss Watson. Hidden around her bed is her lifeless body, her throat slit, blood runs across her necklace. This is a tough one to notice, but there is a charm on that necklace. This charm is in the shape of a letter “B”. Does this mean Miss Watson was the one cheating with Bradley’s dad? We will have to wait for second season to find out.