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Bates Motel Bio: Norman Bates

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By: Don Cob – Bates Motel Blogger

“A boy’s best friend in his mother” This is how Norman feels, despite everything that has happened. Norman Bates is a young seventeen year old boy who is new to White Pine Bay. Norman is shy, intelligent, and has private issues that only his mother knows about. Not the typical American teenager, Norman prefers studying with peers instead of partying. Though the problems at home have been seeping into his school work. There is no doubt that this is only the beginning.

If you’ve never seen Psycho, then the show’s premise is leaving you to wonder what will happen to Norman. For most of the fans out there however, we already know, but we want to see what causes Norman to no longer be normal. That is what this tv show provides, a way for us to look back and see the issues that will continue to choke on Norman’s way of life. The struggles in which he will have not only with his mother but the decisions he makes as he changes from a boy into a man.

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A teenage boy has many issues that come at him all at once: what will he do in the future for a career? Who will he love? In Norman’s case, will he be capable of love? Other than the love and protection he has over his mother. Who will he trust? All of this will come rushing onto him through his high school years. We do know of a few things: His mother Norma, will always have a part in what he does. There will be no escape for Norman, he will always be under her wing. Also, his brother will be a release for him. A way that Norman can break away from his drama-driven mommy. This is what makes television shows thrive, the ability to build on character development.

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