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Barney Loves You to Death in ‘Resident Evil: Village’

by Trey Hilburn III

Guys, Resident Evil: Village is going to terrify. The demo was full of insanely scary things that go bump in the night. As promised we have witches, werewolves, vampires and all sorts. The one thing we didn’t expect, and perhaps the most terrifying was the very unexpected appearance of… Barney?

Barney, the dinosaur? Yes. The very same. The dinosaur that was responsible for the most haunting song of all time is now responsible for one of the most terrifying appearances in a Resident Evil game. This has to be one of the most insane mods of all time. We have seen Shrek show up in a few mods of the past but there is something uniquely nightmarish about that shade of purple showing up in Resident Evil Village that have us shook.

The mod was posted to YouTube by Marcos RC and we made dang sure to watch the entire bizarre video a couple of times to really let it soak in. Obviously, Barney showing up in Resident Evil: Village is a PC mod that was created for the demo and not something that will be in the final product, but gosh dang if we don’t wish that Barney would show up in legit fashion sooner than later. Far fetched, I know.

What do you guys think about Barney showing up in Resident Evil? Let us know in the comments section.

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