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Barbara Crampton Leads Lovecraftian Cult in ‘Sacrifice’ in February

by Waylon Jordan

Barbara Crampton and Lovecraftian terror go hand in hand. The genre legend made a name for herself in collaborations with Stuart Gordon on Re-Animator and From Beyond early on in her career, and this year she’s at it again with Sacrifice.

The film, written and directed by Andy Collier and Toor Mian and based on a story by Paul Kane, centers on Isaac (Ludovic Hughes) and Emma (Sophie Stevens), an American couple who travels to the small Norwegian village where Isaac was born in order to claim an inheritance.

Crampton plays the village sheriff, and she had this to say to Entertainment Weekly.

“I am the sheriff of the island that we’re all on. There was a young boy who left with his mother many many years ago and he has come back to reclaim her residence with his pregnant wife. There are some secrets that we’ve all kept that get revealed over the course of the story — a sacrifice must be made!”

Sacrifice movie poster
CR: Dread

The film was shot on location in Norway, and Crampton told EW it was a “magical” experience.

Crampton is never very far from the hearts and minds of horror fans. She’s been an integral part of the genre for decades and she shows no sign of stopping anytime soon.

Sacrifice is set to release in select theaters on February 5, 2021 followed closely by a releases on demand on February 9th and Blu Ray on February 23rd. To read more about the film and Crampton’s experiences working on it, check out the full Entertainment Weekly article by CLICKING HERE.

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