Hey you, are you watching Syfy’s anthology series Channel Zero? If not, you really should be, as it’s consistently been one of the creepiest shows to hit TV in recent memory, and never fails to craft stories and create images sure to leave viewers’ mouths agape.

Channel Zero draws inspiration from internet horror stories called Creepypastas. While Sony’s crappy Slender Man movie recently showed everyone how not to adapt a Creepypasta, Syfy’s series has been doing right by essentially the online equivalent of urban legends.

Channel Zero season 1 told the tale of evil children’s program Candle Cove, while season 2 took audiences inside the terrifying No-End House. Season 3 brought lots of grotesque imagery to the Butcher’s Block, and season 4 will soon go beyond The Dream Door.

Channel Zero Butcher's Block

Now, Bloody Disgusting reports that joining season 4’s cast is genre icon Barbara Crampton, perhaps most famous for her work in 80s cult classics like Re-Animator, From Beyond, and Chopping Mall. More recently, she’s appeared in Death House and Beyond the Gates.

Crampton joins previously announced cast members Brandon Scott (returning from the cast of Butcher’s Block), Maria Sten, Steven Robertson, and another genre favorite, Steven Weber. Channel Zero: The Dream Door premieres on Syfy sometime later in 2018.

Channel Zero