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Bailey Sarian: Murder, Mystery, & Makeup

by Piper St. James

Instagram make up artist Bailey Sarian has taken YouTube by storm. What began with stunning make-up tutorials has evolved into a series true-crime aficionados have come to respect. It’s binge-worthy for sure.

Bailey Sarian Makeup

For just over a year now, Sarian has been running a series entitled Mystery, Murder, and Make Up which is posted every Monday on her YouTube channel. Well, most Mondays. Let’s face it, life gets in the way sometimes.

In this series she discuss a true crime event which she has thoroughly researched and recounts while she gets ready for her day. Some watch for the stories; some watch for make up. Many watch for both.

While some of these true crime stories are well known, such as Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer, others are much more obscure.

Sarian respects each case as she recites the facts she has found.

Sometimes that means leaving out names of victims. At other times, that means not going too extensively into the gory details that accompany some of these crimes. However, she does put up disclaimers for the weak of heart when she chooses to include graphic violence, sexual assault, and strong language.

What I adore about this series is that Sarian tells it like it is. She is very real in her fascination with true crime and makes no apologies for it. She also has very real and visceral reactions to the facts she reveals about these crimes.


On the make-up end, she’s not afraid to be honest about who she is and what she looks like before her transformation begins whether its oily skin or if she’s dealing with cold sores and acne. She weaves in sarcasm and humor effortlessly while speaking about these things. Despite being a glam goddess, she is very down to earth and not self centered in the least.

Before and After Bailey Sarian

She creates unique and beautiful looks as she recites some of the most gruesome things you’ll ever hear. She is equally passionate about both interests, and her storytelling skills are on point.

Murder, Mystery, and Make Up has nearly 70 videos and over 1.5 million subscribers. Sarian’s videos get millions of views… yes millions!

The mashup of murder and make up  might seem unusual, but Sarian fuses the two flawlessly. However, she has revealed diving into these dark sides of human nature does take a toll on her.

Sarian told Allure magazine in an interview she occasionally needs breaks from the macabre and gruesome acts people commit in real life.

I pay attention to what mood I’m in. If I’m already feeling down, I’m not going to research a new case because it does mess with you,” following it up with ““Over the last year, I’ve cut out all crime podcasts, and I don’t watch as many crime shows because it’s like, when do I get a break?”

Another aspect of Sarian’s videos that make them unique is she communicates with her fanbase in the comments of her YouTube videos. She welcomes their opinions and takes suggestions on which true crime events her viewers would be interested in her hearing about next.

Her takeaway from this project isn’t just accumulating followers. “Nay, nay, nay,” as the host would say. Instead she has gained insights and an attempt to understanding what makes these men and women tick. A common theme Sarian revisits is nature vs nurture. She also questions and seeks to understand how mental health contributes to their actions. Each case varies drastically, but she always appears to take away something from each true crime case she thoroughly investigates.

If you want to stay in touch with Sarian’s YouTube videos you can follow them here!

Her Instagram is equally popular and can be located @BaileySarian

If swag is your thing, her darkly morbid yet extremely fun merchandise can be found here!

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