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This year’s most heartbreaking piece of horror news was the recent announcement that NBC cancelled Hannibal, proving that all that really matters in the world of television are the ratings. The show is unquestionably one of the most brilliant to ever hit the small screen, but the ratings sadly didn’t reflect that.

The only solace for fans of the series is that there are – at the time of writing this – seven episodes left in Hannibal‘s third season, and with things really heating up and the Red Dragon set to make his presence known, they promise to be incredible ones. They won’t, however, be airing on Thursday nights.

Deadline reports today that NBC has dumped Hannibal‘s final seven episodes to Saturday nights beginning this week, with the new episodes set to air each Saturday at 10pm EST. The move was due to record low ratings for the series, which of course resulted in the recent cancellation.


The unfortunate news comes in the wake of both Netflix and Amazon passing on Hannibal, which has left the future of the show hanging in the balance. A feature film has been rumored for the distant future, though at the moment it looks like Hannibal is completely dead in the water.

A shame, considering this season of Hannibal is off to an absolutely incredible start. Creator Bryan Fuller is truly going out in style, so be sure to enjoy these final episodes while we’ve got them – even if NBC has decided to relegate them to Saturday evening Hell.

Sigh. Some things really are too good for this world.