Because the internet is a magical play land where ideas bloom and blossom, we have recently learned that the Babadook is a gay icon. As decreed by the internet, it must be true.

June is, of course, Pride month, and somehow the internet has collectively decided that our new favourite gay icon is none other than the Ba-ba-dook-dook-dook.

Exhibit A:

Tumblr has decided.

Exhibit B:

Twitter has decided.

He may still be known as the poignant metaphor for depression and loss in Jennifer Kent’s 2014 film, but he’s been openly embraced as a valued and celebrated icon of the gay community.

As with all proper internet lore, the original source is… uncertain, but it seems like it branched off of a questionable Netflix categorization where The Babadook appeared under the LGBT movies category. Whether you believe that it’s a legitimate screenshot or a well-planned photoshop, you can’t deny that the resulting support is incredible.

via Reddit

I’m not sure this is quite what Jennifer Kent had in mind when making the film, but it has certainly created a wild and untamed cultural icon out of this snazzy little Aussie horror flick.


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