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IFC midnight acquired official Sundance selection “The Babadook.” This one of those movie titles that sounds ridiculous until it is put into the context of the trailer.

“The Babadook” was screened at Sundance 2014 and has generated a lot of online buzz.

The story of “The Babadook” trails a mother and son following the death of their husband/father. Mom begins reading a pop-up book to her son titled “The Babadook” about a shadowy creature with claws that is relentless at haunting people.

All hell breaks loose as the mom tries to control her sons growing fear of a creature that starts to stalk and haunt them and may or may not be a figment of their imaginations.

Reports from Sundance have called it the best possession film in a recent memory and an emotional ride.

Definitely intrigued check out the trailer below.

Stray observation: This kid may be the son of Rambo and builds a pretty badass crossbow!