Written by John Squires

Though most of us now pay top dollar to get scared, whether through movies or haunted attractions, there was a time when being scared wasn’t so much fun. It’s pretty common for children to be convinced that monsters lurk under their beds and in their closets – something we can all relate to.

And one kid in Sooke, British Columbia recently found herself terrified of going to sleep at night, leading her dad to hit up the local pharmacist for a cure. As spotted over on Reddit, the cool dad tasked the pharmacist with devising a special ‘monster spray’ for daughter Mya, and he came through heroically.

The special elixir – likely nothing more than tap water – was housed inside of a spray bottle, and the pharmacist printed up a label to make it look like the real deal. Titled simply ‘Monster Spray,’ the prescription advised to spray it around the bedroom before bedtime at night, and to repeat if needed.

Dee Vivian, the pharmacy tech on hand at the time, says she put additional labels – including ‘shake well’ and ‘may cause drowsiness’ – on the bottle to make it look even more official, and the father wasn’t charged for the cure to his daughter’s nightmares. Insurance covers monster attacks, we presume.

Sleep well, Mya. You’re now safe from the monsters!

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