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I bet you never thought you’d see Jason Voorhees and Carrie make out. Am I right? Because if I’m right, then you were totally wrong.

Here on iHorror we love horror-themed music videos and the one we’ve just stumbled across is hands down the ultimate horror movie music video, jam packed with familiar faces and so many references that you’ll likely have to watch it more than once to catch them all. Like Pokemon. Or something like that.

The video comes courtesy of Chicago pop-punk band Common Shiner, for their new single ‘Social Mediasochist.’ The song, off their album Before They Sold Out Pt. 2, is brought to life at the fictional Wes Craven’s Slasher High School, where all the big icons live out their teenage lives. The video primarily centers on Jason’s pursuit of the prettiest girl in school, and for once it’s not slicing and dicing that he’s interested in.

Check out the incredible video below and keep your eyes peeled for everyone from the Creeper to Billy from Silent Night, Deadly Night, Leslie Vernon to Billy the Puppet. Oh and blue/purple NES Jason even pops up for a cameo appearance, which is sure to put a nostalgic smile on your face.


[youtube id=”Fy9uaWqUNa8″]