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Awesome Father Makes Epic JAWS-Inspired Baby Bed!

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Quint’s gruesome demise in Jaws is without question one of the most memorable scenes in the history of horror, as well as one of the most downright painful to watch. Not exactly the sort of scene you associate with a restful night’s sleep, though one father is looking to change that.

As we spotted over on Facebook, Jaws super-fan Joseph Reginella just completed a totally epic DIY project that he’s been working on for some time now, using Quint’s death scene as the inspiration for the world’s coolest bed. The bed is big enough to hold a small pet or a human baby, and both have served as models for it.

Check out Joseph’s incredible handiwork below and head over to his Facebook page (linked above) to see even more pictures of the Jaws-inspired bed!



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