Awesome Art: Cody Schibi’s Monster MugShots

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Though they oftentimes die – and then of course come back to life for the sequel – the iconic villains and monsters from our favorite horror movies have an incredible ability to avoid being caught by police and locked up in the slammer, don’t they? It’s almost as if the cops just don’t even want to deal with guys like Freddy, Jason and Leatherface, so they kind of just ignore them, and let them do their thing.

But it’s pretty funny to think of those guys getting fingerprinted and then sitting alone in a cell to contemplate their actions, isn’t it? That humorous thought was the basis for Austin, Texas-based artist Cody Schibi’s ‘Monster MugShots’ series, wherein he imagines a world where the baddest of the bad are caught, and forced to sit for mugshots.

Eleven of Schibi’s favorite monsters have thus far been given the MugShots treatment, and you can check out the entire series below. Head over to his website to purchase 4″x5.25″ prints of your favorites, which are selling for a mere $3.50 apiece!

*The watermarks seen on these images will not be on the prints that Cody sends your way, if you order them!*

The Tall Man


Angela Baker

Freddy Krueger

Jason Voorhees

Michael Myers








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