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Authorities Across U.S. Issue Warnings To Citizens Buying Halloween Clown Costumes

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Written by Patti Pauley

A few twisted scumbags have ruined it for the rest of us this Halloween. Or if you happen to suffer from coulrophobia, this is probably good news for you.

As you may or possibly may not be aware of the recent threats that have spread all across the United States involving some highly likely “sick individuals” wearing clown costumes, roaming about wooded areas attempting to lure children towards them. The trouble first started in South Carolina, and has quickly spread over the past month to at least 15 states across the North American map. The latest clown “threats” range from reports from attacks from a man dressed in a clown get-up in Ohio, as well as witnesses spotting one wielding a kitchen knife in the streets; to an incident in Pennsylvania where a 10th grader was fatally stabbed after a fight with someone wearing a clown mask, and reports of clowns chasing children in the streets hurling objects at them.

This shit is way out of hand.


According to reports in several states, authorities are taking this matter very seriously and have issued a warning to those who plan on dressing up as a painted nightmare this Halloween. As a matter of fact, they’re recommending you scrap that idea all together. Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco in Florida recently spoke with his local news station issuing an advisory for anyone even contemplating a clown costume this Halloween.

“People are fed up, They’re tired of seeing demonstrations and riots. They’re sick and tired of terrorist threats. Now they’ve got to deal with these damn clown things going on. They’re saying if one of these clowns comes on to my property they’re going to get shot. The kids who think ‘hey this is just a joke’, I warn you, don’t get caught up in this movement. All you’re going to do is get yourself hurt or get someone else hurt. I would highly recommend do not use clown outfits as your preferred choice. Go with something else.”
To be perfectly candid, the authorities have a valid point and the concern for citizens general well-being is certainly solid. So if you plan on dressing up as Pennywise or nabbing a Rob Zombie 31 mask this year, you may want to reconsider for safety purposes.
May I suggest the Trump Mask? Holy hell that thing is the stuff of nightmares.

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