As you may know, a Stephen King novel called Joyland was published last year. An author named Emily Schultz wrote a novel of the same name years ago, and is now making money from people mistakenly purchasing her story in ebook form rather than King’s, which was initially only available in print. She started a Tumblr detailing the things she and her significant other are spending their “Stephen King money” on.

The intro to the Tumblr says:

I’m Emily Schultz. My first novel came out eight years ago. It was called Joyland. Last year Stephen King released a print-only novel with the same title. That was cool, until a few King readers bought the e-book version of my novel by mistake and started leaving negative and confused Amazon reviews. I asked Amazon to change their search results to keep people from buying the wrong book but never heard back. Apparently there were a lot of confused readers as this week I got a—for me—big royalty check for those mistaken books. I’m not so upset anymore. Sure, it’s more a pleasant surprise than a fortune, and I’m stuck with those reviews, but I thought a blog detailing how we’re spending the Stephen King money would be a nice way to end this funny and strange story. 

The first post is from June 13th, documenting a $146.94 dinner for two.

Emily Schultz dinner

“This was the day we got the royalty check and was our first ‘fancy dinner’ out in two years,” she wrote. “To quote Brian: ‘Happy anniversary, birthday, and book contract day.'”

Each post is accompanied by a “Would Stephen King Like It?” section attempting to answer that question about each purchase.

Strangely enough, Schultz has also appeared on the Joyland Magazine site, making things all the more confusing.