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I can’t think of anything in the horror genre that’s been released onto home video more times than the original Evil Dead trilogy, which has forced fans to ‘double dip’ on so many occasions that I’m not sure that term even fits. Not only have all three films been released individually, countless times, but so too has the trilogy been bundled together a few times over the years, in various different countries.

That said, the trilogy has never been joined by 2013’s remake in any of those sets, meaning that it’s not yet possible to get your hands on all things Evil Dead, in one fell swoop. But that changes in November of this year, when all four films are packaged together for the very first time, for a special Australian release that’s quite frankly to die for.

Exclusive to Australia, the five-disc set includes Blu-ray copies of The Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, Army of Darkness, and Evil Dead 2013, as well as DVD copies of Within the Woods and the brand new documentary Invaluable, about the original film’s prop designer Tim Sullivan. Within the Woods is of course the 1978 Sam Raimi short film that paved the way for The Evil Dead, which hasn’t previously been released on home video.

The set features a replica of the iconic Book of the Dead, featuring 16 pages of original drawings, as well as a prop replica dagger, which measures approximately 9″ long.

Again, the collection is exclusive to Australia, meaning it’ll only play on a non-Australian player if it’s Region Free, but I’m thinking this set is worth the purchase, even if you can’t watch the actual discs!