‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ Season 4 Would Have Been Post-Apocalyptic

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The very last episode of fan favorite TV series Ash vs Evil Dead has aired. Sadly, the embattled show was canceled earlier this month, after viewership numbers continued to perform far below what the network wanted.

In interviews done prior to season 3’s delayed premiere, star Bruce Campbell had lamented how badly AvED has been hurt by piracy, and expressed his wish that fans would actually watch the show live this time out in order to ensure its future. Sadly, that didn’t help.

While fans will soon find out exactly how Ash vs Evil Dead bids farewell, Bloody Disgusting reports that the original plans for a potential season 4 would have seen the story head into the realm of post-apocalyptic sci-fi/action.

Details on what exactly would have occurred are limited, but the BD report says that Ash would have ended up battling Deadites in the future, in a sort of mashup of Evil Dead and the Mad Max franchise. If you think that sounds awesome, you’re not wrong.

Sadly, those plans will obviously now not come to pass. It’s unclear what this means for season 3’s ending, as the above plans could have easily been changed long before the finale was shot, as things haven’t been looking good for Ash’s future for awhile now.

Post-apocalypse or not, here’s hoping Ash, Kelly, Pablo, and even Ruby get a proper sendoff tonight. Ash vs Evil Dead has been one of the most entertaining shows on TV ever since it premiered, and it’ll be sad to see it go. The king may be dead, but you can still hail to it.

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