Ash vs Evil Dead: New Photo Reveals Season 2 Villain

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Earlier this week, we brought you the news that Ash vs Evil Dead’s hotly anticipated second season was set to premiere on Starz on Sunday, October 2nd at 8pm. Now, Starz has released a new image that reveals the big bad for season 2, and somewhat surprisingly, he has (or at least appears to have) a human face.

The villain in question is named Baal (Joel Tobeck), and he’s released from the underworld shortly after Ruby’s misguided actions involving the Necronmicon in the season 1 finale, Needless to say, he’s not in a great mood, and embarks on a plan to destroy the Earth, with or without Ruby’s assistance. Considering that the trailers for season 2 have featured Ruby coming to Ash for help, it seems safe to assume that not even she wants to work with Baal. Check out the pic below.

Ash vs Evil Dead Baal

In the Bible, Baal was a Canaanite god, and an enemy of the Hebrew god Yahweh. It’s unclear if this Baal is supposed to be the biblical one, but it seems fairly likely, especially with him venturing up from the underworld. Ash has faced many powerful foes over the course of the Evil Dead franchise, but tangling with a literal god might be too much even for him, even with Ruby and the power of the Necronomicon potentially on his side.

One wonders if Baal will be involved in what Bruce Cambpbell has referred to as the “worst onscreen death in the history of all visual arts” that is set to occur during Ash vs Evil Dead season 2. God-level power would probably enable one to splatter their enemies in all kinds of fun, creative ways.

ash vs evil dead poster