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Both Seasons of ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ Now on Netflix!

by admin

Are you watching Ash vs Evil Dead? If not, you should be, as it’s awesome, amazing, hilarious, and several other positive adjectives. Ash vs Evil Dead is essentially the Evil Dead 4 that fans of the franchise wanted for over 20 years, except told over the course of an serialized TV series.

Yet, that doesn’t mean Ash vs Evil Dead feels dragged out, as it’s consistently one of the most fast-paced and action-packed shows on the market today. Very little time tends to go by without either a deadite getting hacked up, some other type of gruesome gore, or Ash dropping a delightful politically incorrect one-liner.

While I might sound like a shill for the Starz series, I assure you, I am simply a huge Evil Dead fan who has been tremendously satisfied by what Ash vs Evil Dead has given me so far. The extended wait for season 3 has been pretty torturous.

That said, those who have yet to experience Ash vs Evil Dead – or those who simply want to watch it again – have a new way to check out the series that doesn’t involve subscribing to Starz.

Earlier this week, Netflix quietly added both seasons of Ash vs Evil Dead to its U.S. streaming roster, after having not listed that in its usual monthly reveal of titles set to arrive on the service. It’s an awesome surprise to be sure.

This Netflix deal should ensure that Ash vs Evil Dead gains a wider audience, as most Americans tend to have – or at least have access to via a friend or family member – a Netflix account. Season 3 premieres on Starz on February 25th, so those who start now have over two months to get caught up. Groovy.

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