While frontman Gene Simmons has gained a reputation for being a bit of a jackass in recent years – the man did try to trademark the “metal horns” hand gesture after all – there’s no denying that KISS is one of the most legendary rock bands in existence. They still tour currently, and will still gladly rock your face off if you go to their show.

Manly, classic rock-loving hero that he is, it seems quite likely that Ash Williams from the Evil Dead franchise is a KISS fan. Rocking and rolling all night, and partying every day seems like it would be an activity Ash would very much be in favor of.

So, what does one do with two great tastes that have thus far never tasted great together? In the case of Dynamite Entertainment, they combine Ash and KISS into a crossover comic book series dubbed KISS Army of Darkness.

Issue one of KISS Army of Darkness will hit stores in February 2018, and that’s pretty good timing, considering that the long-delayed season 3 of Ash vs Evil Dead premieres on Starz on February 25th. Groovy.

Here’s the official synopsis for issue 1, courtesy of Bleeding Cool.KISS is on top of the world and rocking faces until the night disciples of The Destroyer show up and the band disappears. With the tour canceled, a young Ash misses one of the most important events of his life that will change his destiny. Now the Chosen One has to get back on the right path.”

Presented below are the three variant covers for the debut issue of KISS Army of Darkness. They’re all pretty cool, but the third is my personal favorite. Ash doing the horns is something I needed in my life.

iHorror at Sundance - Interview with Dan Myrick

iHorror at Sundance - Interview with Dan Myrick

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  1. Your kidding me Army of Darkness meets Kiss? that would be kinda cool if the Fox & the Ankh Warrior would team up with 4 bands together they would battle the Evil Ash clones of Ash Williams. The Demon vs Medieval Evil Ash, Spaceman vs Robo-Ash, The Ankh Warrior vs Evil Ash Prime the General from Egypt from Ashes to Ashes even The Catman could verse Evil Ash from the Ashes too.The Fox could verse Evil Ash II who should be a Deadite as a Deadite Ash from evil Dead 2 not just a Bad Ash and with the chainsaw & as for a Starchild what ever he can verse Evil Ash could be from Shop til you Drop Dead.

  2. The Fox & The Ankh Warrior are different who took Spaceman & Catman’s place but the Demon and the Star Child are the only main band. The only way to make sense from Kiss band is the Catman from classic in 1973/74 to 1982 before The Fox from 1982 to 1983 & what ever the Catman 2 or the Fox 2 that returns in the beginning of 1996 who were’s costumes from Music of the Elder & Creatures of the Night that too place from Psycho Circus in 1998 ,Sonic Boom 2009 & Monsters 2012 including the Spaceman 1 & 2 from 1973/74 through 2002 before The Ankh Warrior last in 2002 that took place from Sonic Boom & Monsters.

  3. First Kiss band Volume 1 with Starchild,Demon,Spaceman 1 & Catman from Kiss Classic to Killers, Volume 2 Starchild,Demon, Spaceman 2, & Fox 2 from Creatures of the Night To Psycho Circus & Volume 3 Starchild,Demon,Ankh Warrior & Fox 2 from Sonic Boom to Monsters.


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