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Artist Turns Horror Icons Into Custom Shoes For You!

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Custom shoe painting is an art practiced by many skilled artists today. However, it’s rare to come across somebody that actually has made it into a business. It’s hard enough trying to find a unique pair of shoes at the mall that actually catch my eye and force me to open my wallet. So thank the heavenly shoe goddess above for this small online business that’s gaining momentum in the horror community.

Enter in Brandi Baldwin and Chergnomebyl Shoes. Brandi custom makes each pair unique and different, as no pair is alike in any way. No pair will ever be replicated to keep in the true nature of UNIQUE. All you have to do is simply provide a picture reference and Baldwin will go to work making you your very own horror dream kicks!


Chergnomebyl doesn’t just specialize in strictly horror. Gaming, anime, or movies, whatever your fetish may be, Chergnomebyl can make it. Prices are pretty damn reasonable for the art and time that goes into them. The custom shoes start at $60 for womens and $65 for mens. Childrens sizes are also available upon request for your little horror minion.

Take a look at some of these bad boys:



























Baldwin started Chergnomebyl Shoes earlier this year and before was in the business of Cosplay props. So if you’d like to support a talented artist and get yourself some badass footwear, all you have to do is head on over to their Facebook page by clicking here and sending out a request via email or facebook message. 

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