Artist Trevor Henderson & His Wonderful World of Terrifying Creatures

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If you have ever wanted to buy original artwork that will be worth a lot of money someday, but didn’t know where to start, examine Toronto artist Trevor Henderson’s gallery of terrifying urban legends and start investing.

Already web-famous, the elusive Henderson is something of an internet urban legend himself. His drawings have given this generation some of the most disturbing images to click over. He’s inspired fans to create wild memes, fan-made videos, and caught-on-camera sightings of the creatures born from his imagination. He’s the creepypasta of the art world.

The best way to explain his style is to say he captures that instant when fear takes hold. That moment when you see something so terrifying you can’t rationalize it and you either accept it or go completely mad. His paintbrush hosts those spectral monsters that trigger emotional feelings just before waking from your deep sleep nightmares.

Trevor Henderson Gallery

Trevor Henderson Gallery

His love for found footage also explains why his works emulate the rawness of an unfocused cellphone, polaroid, or pinhole camera. Action pictures capturing nightmares in real-time. There is an uneasiness to his artistry, creatures with long necks, and deformed mouths hiding just beyond the penumbra.

Henderson uses hazy light to make building-sized monstrosities lumbering through the fog just out of sight, or deformed ghosts hiding under the yellowish light of a desolate neighborhood alley.

So profoundly creepy and just realistic enough, some people have added to the mystery of his work by giving his paintings stories. One is that of Siren Head.

When you think of giant menacing creatures that terrorize people, you don’t usually envision a cryptid with air sirens for a head. Yet that is exactly what Henderson’s Siren Head is according to fans; a slender and towering being that lures its victims into the woods using garbled distress signals. There’s even a video game based on this character.

Trevor Henderson Gallery

There isn’t much to say about Henderson, he seems to keep pretty much to himself. His social media pages don’t give too much away about his private life or what he’s working on next. His Patreon is full of information though.

He has apparently been on Reddit and offered some insight into how he creates his works, “Hey!! I draw on top of photos using a couple specific photoshop brushes, and then play around with filters like noise and gaussian blur to try and mesh the two together!”

Exploring his life isn’t as interesting as his art anyway. The best way to experience what he does is to see it for yourself. Below are only some of his illustrations. You can see more of his creations HERE.

Trevor Henderson Gallery

Trevor Henderson Gallery

Trevor Henderson Gallery

Trevor Henderson Gallery

If you want to see more of Henderson’s work click HERE.

Or check out his huge catalog of work on Facebook.

Or join his Patreon HERE.

Here is a fan-made short based on his Siren Head:

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