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Introducing “Psycho Straws” for a Horror Lover’s Balanced Breakfast

by Kelly McNeely
Psycho Straws Chainsaw Estates

By George, he’s done it again! Artist Jesse Wroblewski of Chainsaw Estates has blown our minds with his incredible horror-themed snowglobes and tickled our collective sweet tooth with his month-long countdown-to-Halloween PEZ dispenser project. Now, with a sudden abundance of time (as one has during a global pandemic) and a drive to tackle a new project, Wroblewski has created a series of Psycho Straws — perfect for the stubborn yet horror-loving child in your life.

Complete with packaging and kid-approved commercial, these horror-themed straw toys are so perfect, I would like to use them exclusively for all of my beverage needs.


Unfortunately, these Psycho Straws are just prototypes, so you can’t dish out your dollars for your very own. But I have to say, as far as quarantine activities go, creating a kids toy line that celebrates films like Cannibal Holocaust and The Human Centipede is… impressive, to say the least. He’s even got a whole breakfast table ad setup, showing how these truly are part of a balanced breakfast.

Wroblewski is an exceptionally talented and awesomely creative artist, and we can’t wait to see what he comes up with next. You can go to his Instagram to check out more of his work (there is a whole ton of goodies to look through, including handmade horror ornaments and a functional They Live jack-in-the-box).

While you can’t spend your days sipping out of one of these bad boys, you can still gaze longingly at these rad creations. You’ve gotta love some good handmade horror.



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