Stephen King’s IT: Artist Creates Detailed Model of Derry

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When it comes to iconic stories from the master of horror Stephen King, there are few more beloved than IT, the tale of the Losers Club’s battle with a shape-shifting being older than human civilization.

IT was of course immortalized on-screen via ABC’s well-remembered 1990 TV miniseries adaptation, starring the legendary Tim Curry as Pennywise the murderous clown.

Late to the Party: Stephen King's It (1990)

Director Andy Muschetti is also soon to bring fans an R-rated, theatrical version of IT, which is set to hit theaters on September 8th, courtesy of Warner Bros.

One of the most important parts of IT isn’t a character at all, and is actually the small town setting of Derry, Maine. An important part of Stephen King history, Derry also featured in stories like Dreamcatcher and Bag of Bones.

It 2017 stephen king adaptation

While we’re still a ways away from seeing what Muschetti’s film does with Derry, German artist Kassiopeya Sachenwerkler,has created an amazingly detailed model version of the town, including multiple elements sure to bring a smile to any King fan.

Included below are a few selected shots of the model Derry, with a short description of each. To see them all in high-res, click here to visit the artist’s site.

Georgie’s paper boat, about to float into the sewer drain from which Pennnywise will emerge and kill him

Missing posters of Pennywise’s child victims, including Patrick Hockstetter.

Pennywise’s lair within the sewers of Derry.

The movie theater marquee, where the Losers Club will see I Was a Teenage Werewolf.

Another shot in Pennywise’s lair, this time with the bones of his victims, and We All Float Down Here written in blood on a wall.

Until next time, remember, when you’re down there with him, you’ll…float…too.

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