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Arrow Home Video Kills With Lewis’s ‘Gore Gore Girls’ Blu-Ray

by Trey Hilburn III

Our little world of horror is constantly in debt to the gore and viscera godfather, that is Herschell Gordon Lewis. This dude’s films were at the forefront of all the things that we currently love about over the top gore in modern horror cinema. I would say arguably… but I don’t think there is an argument. This gent was rad and ahead of his time.

Most known for the video nasties, Blood Feast and Two Thousand Maniacs! among a ton of others that delved into different areas of exploitation, Lewis had a bizarre, brutal and blood thirsty body of work.

Arrow Home Video has gone all out on one of their recent releases for 72’s Gore Gore Girls. Completely filled with Lewis’s trademark over the top cartoonish gore, and presented in vibrant 1080p, this disc is loaded with all kinds of awesome bits. Most notably, two heartfelt intros by the godfather of gore and a bonus film in the form of 71’s hicksploitation centric, This Stuff’ll Kill Ya!

If you are unfamiliar with Gore Gore Girls, you have to do yourself a serious favor and give it a watch. The film begins with a girl having her face grated like a block of cheese against the remains of a broken mirror. And it just gets more bonkers from there.

Lewis touches giallo territory in this one, with a mysterious black leather gloved killer going around brutally taking out one go-go girl after another, while hilariously egotistical investigator Abraham Gentry (Frank Kress) and bright-eyed and beautiful Nancy Weston (Amy Farrell) infiltrate the go-go dancer scene to find the killer.

Both films are accompanied by some insightful and seriously entertaining audio commentaries by Lewis himself and some great conversations and critical examinations by Joe Swanberg, Spencer Parson and Daniel Krogh. Oh, and the reversible sleeve features the original artwork on one side and some seriously badass looking new artwork by The Twins of Evil.

Gore Gore Girls is most notable for what was planned to be Lewis’s last film. Of course, he did make a return several years later with Blood Feast 2 over thirty years later. Since Lewis did plan to make this his last film, he went “all out” in a blaze of bloody glory. It stands as one of his bloodiest and one of my personal faves. Oh, did I mention someone has their butt deep fried? No? Well, it happens.

The Gore Gore Girls is out now on Arrow Home Video.

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