Arnold Schwarzenegger has delivered some truly epic lines throughout his career, and one of the most memorable is no doubt his ‘GET TO THE CHOPPA!!!’ battle cry, from Predator. It’s one of the most spoofed and parodied movie lines of all time, being used in countless prank calls and video mash-ups over the years.

And now, Arnold himself is getting in on the fun.

Schwarzenegger appeared on The Tonight Show last night to promote his upcoming movie Sabotage, an interview that took a turn for the hilarious when new host Jimmy Fallon segued into a brilliant comedy sketch, which saw he and Arnold selling food products on QVC. As you might have guessed by now, one of those products is a food chopper, and Arnold gets pretty angry when Jimmy refuses to, well, get to the chopper.

If you’re looking for a nice laugh on this Tuesday afternoon, check out the segment below, which is sure to make your day a whole lot brighter!