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Arnold Schwarzenegger Comments on Upcoming Predator 4

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Arnold Schwarzenegger made his triumphant return to the franchise that made him a star with this past weekend’s Terminator Genisys, and in the near future he returns to the worlds of both Conan and Twins. But what about Predator? Will Arnold ever reprise the role of badass monster-killer Dutch?

It was announced last year that Shane Black was working on a brand new Predator film, which he’s co-writing with Fred Dekker (The Monster Squad) and will be directing. The franchise’s fourth installment is being described as a sequel rather than a reboot, and we must remind you that Dutch survived the events of the original film.

In a recent Reddit Q&A session, one fan worked up the courage to ask Schwarzenegger if he’d be returning for Predator 4, and the former governor had this to say about the sequel.

Predator 4 Arnold

I don’t know about Shane Black’s new Predator movie,” said Schwarzenegger. “He’s a great writer and he wrote a lot of the great scenes in the first Predator movie, especially a lot of my scenes. He’s a very talented guy and a great director, so if he would do it, it would become a great movie if I’m in it or not. But I have not been asked.”

Schwarzenegger went on to call Predator one of his favorite movies that he has appeared in, praising John McTiernan for his directorial work. As for the sequels, the action star made no bones about the fact that he wasn’t a fan.

Sometimes studios do a great job with creating sequels, and sometimes they really screw it up bad,” Arnold noted. “It all has to do with greed. They sometimes want to do it really cheap, and make as much money as possible, so they don’t hire the right cast or the right director. So far no Predator has really come out that I think was satisfactory to the audience.”

You can check out the full Q&A chat below. The Predator discussion begins just before the 13-minute mark.

[youtube id=”HNVwFkMP-TQ”]

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