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Written by Patti Pauley

In case you haven’t been paying attention, there’s an Are You Afraid of the Dark film coming our way with the labor of love from Dark Hill Films, and Nathaniel Ingram (Director) Zac Lockard (Co-Director) and Lyndon Alvarez (Director of Photography). The Snick series for all involved in the officially titled Are You Afraid of the Dark: A Tribute along with keeping tradition of the weekly inside Midnight Society story entitled “The Tale of the Ghostly Guest” in the film, is near and dear to the cast and crew’s heart as they, just like you and I, grew up with with the kid-friendly horror show. Ingram, Lockard, and those involved with making this film set to debut this Halloween for free on the Internet, have kept in close contact with the original creators and is truly hitting the mark in the wake of AYAOTD nostalgia as the filmmakers are throwing in nods to the original series.

“This is very surreal. I never thought I would be  involved in such a passionate project like this. I give a huge thanks to everyone involved and to the fans of the original series… You guys are in for some serious nostalgia. We promise not to deliver anything less than what fans are wanting to see.” -Nathaniel Ingram


The clip below released exclusively through us at iHorror is sure as hell giving me all the damn nostalgic fuzzies along with a slightly mature vibe as if the series grew up along with us to cater to our adult minds. With at the same time, staying true to what the original Canadian series was all about. Pretty impressive guys. Check it out!



Director Ingram has confirmed to us that Are You Afraid of the Dark: A Tribute total runtime will only slightly run over the time that an original episode would play, making it more so of a short film rather than a full fledged movie.

The film stars:

Mya Cobb: Michelle 
Michael Hodges: Braden
Caleb Milby: Zach
Sarah Townsend: Alex
Michael Jobe: Collin
Caleb Long: Jacob
Byn Always: Susan
Dale Niehaus: Roger
Catcher Stair: Christopher
Sidney Flack: Grandpa Jasper


For more information on the film and the creator’s IndieGoGo campaign with some seriously amazing perks in an attempt to distribute funds to the crew for all their hard work and support, visit the links listed below. The world premiere for Are You Afraid of the Dark: A Tribute will take place at a public screening at Guthrie Haunts in Riverside, Oklahoma on Saturday, October 28th, 2017, with a wide release to the public for free online on October 31, 2017. In the meantime, be on the lookout for the official trailer coming soon right here at iHorror in September!




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