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Are the ‘Outlast’ Developers Teasing Next Game in Series?

by Paul Aloisio

Among the scariest games of all time, Outlast tops my list. The original game was the most terrifying gaming experience of my entire life. While the second didn’t quite live up to the adrenaline-pumping, pee-your-pants inducing horror of the first, it was undoubtedly a worthy successor in the series.

The dev team Red Barrels is teasing that something is being announced soon along with a cryptic image which reads “Where freedom ends”, featuring an image that is clearly in line with the color scheme of the distinct Outlast aesthetic.

According to IGN, Red Barrels said back in 2017 that they were currently working on a “Distinct experience in the Outlast universe”, as opposed to any DLC for the sequel.

It’s obvious that this is the project they were talking about, despite any concrete announcement saying it’s the case. Isn’t something like this more fun, anyway? I mean, after all, the games have all been about suspense. Why spoil it now?

If you’ve never played the first two Outlast games or the Whisteblower DLC for the original, you need to change that immediately. In these games, you have three options – run, hide, or die. Which is absolutely what makes these games work so well.

You’re helpless against the monstrosities surrounding you. And with no option to fight back, you need to think fast. Are you going to hide underneath a bed, or a locker? And what if your flashlight batteries die?

Outlast is an experience that needs to be seen (and played) to be believed. I can’t wait to see what exactly it is that Red Barrels is teasing.

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