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‘Antlers’ Releases Bloody New Poster

by Mike Joyce
A boy surrounded by bloody antlers

The Guillermo del Toro-produced ‘Antlers’ is one of the most anticipated horror movies of 2020, and it just released a new poster. The poster features the young Jeremy T. Thomas surrounded by bloody antlers, likely a symbol of the Wendigo.

The ‘Antlers’ Cast and Crew

In addition to del Toro, the film features an impressive list of names. It stars Keri Russel (“Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker”) and Jessie Plemons (“El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie”). The movie’s based on “The Quiet Boy,” a story written by Nick Antosca, creator of the groundbreaking anthology series “Channel Zero.” It’s directed by Scott Cooper (“Black Mass”), who’s making his first horror film.


Phantom Four / Double Dare You Productions

Julia Meadows (Russell) is a small-town schoolteacher who’s concerned about one of her students, Lucas (Thomas). Lucas harbors a terrifying secret at a local mine. Plemons plays Julia’s brother Paul, the town sheriff who’s investigating a badly mutilated human body.

The Wendigo

Judging by the trailer and poster, the culprit appears to be a Wendigo, an evil, man-eating spirit from the folklore of the Pacific Northwest. It looks like Lucas is helping the creature, and even feeding it.

‘Antlers’ released its final trailer back in December, which you can view here:

The trailer looks intense, the cast and crew are fantastic and the poster is creepy as hell. We need more Wendigo films. I’m in, what about you?

‘Antlers’ will be released to theaters on April 17, according to The Hollywood Reporter. It has received an R rating.

Featured image source: Phantom Four / Double Dare You Productions

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