Anthony Stabley’s ‘Everlasting’ is Sexy, Dark, and Captivating!

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Everlasting is an independent film that focuses on a young couple, Jessie (Valentina De Angelis) and Matt (Adam David). It is the end of the school year, and Matt is given a project to create a video. Matt has the idea to make it about his lover Jessie, who is set to move out to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams of becoming a model. Matt has made a decision to drive from their hometown in Colorado to Los Angeles to ensure that Jesse arrives safely. During the trip, many changes ensue and each will use the camera to narrate the journey. When the two arrive at the land of opportunity, it is very obvious that Matt does not share the same excitement and enthusiasm for this new life style that Jessie is going to make her own. After a brief stay, it is time for the two lovebirds to separate, and Matt travels back to Colorado. Not long after Matt leaves Jessie behind the tragic news is received, Jesse is dead. Matt’s world is torn to shreds as he feels responsible for leaving her there. Matt is now determined to seek vengeance on the individual(s) responsible for this heinous act.

I believe that Writer, Director, and Producer Anthony Stabley did an excellent job in capturing the dark love that Jessie and Matt have for one another. Stabley’s use of intertwined memories with real time clips paints the captivating but yet gloomy chemistry that the couple share with each other. The everlasting love that the two free-spirited souls shares for each other is seized throughout the film. The characters in the film are flawed, but they are people that we walk amongst each day, people that that we can relate too. Actor Adam David and Valentina De Angelis were both built not only for each other, but for their roles in this film, both give a dark and stellar performance giving life to this film.

Everlasting exposes our minds to a tragic love story that has been cut short by acts of violence, rage and torture because of a lifestyle change that Jesse’s curiosity brought on. Stabley has constructed a dark, melodramatic thriller. Everlasting took me on a road not traveled many times, and I was enjoying it all the way.

Everlasting is set to release on VOD February 10th 2016.

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