While Alfred Hitchcock’s films generally still remain highly regarded decades after their debuts, what many might be unaware of is that the “Master of Suspense” once dominated the then-fledgling TV landscape just as easily as movies like Psycho and The Birds dominated theaters.

Running from 1955 to 1965, Alfred Hitchcock Presents was an anthology series featuring a different tale of murder, madness and mystery each week. Each episode was hosted – and on some occasions directed –  by Hitch himself, who became well-known for the hilariously deadpan quips he would often employ. So popular was Alfred Hitchcock Presents that a revival was commissioned in 1985, and would end up running for four seasons total.


Proving that not even death can keep a great director down, Universal Cable Productions has announced the development of a new anthology series based on Hitchcock’s material, entitled Welcome to Hitchcock. Chris Columbus (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone) is set to executive produce the project, as well as direct the pilot episode.

Beyond those initial details though, much concerning Welcome to Hitchcock remains unclear. For instance, Universal has yet to clarify whether calling the show an “anthology” means that it will tell a different story every week, or go the American Horror Story route and tell one tale over the course of an entire season. It has also yet to be revealed exactly which Hitchcock classics will be adapted for use on Welcome. Stay tuned to iHorror for future updates on Alfred Hitchcock’s posthumous return to TV.