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‘Antebellum’ Skips Domestic Theaters, Sets PVOD Release Date

by Waylon Jordan

As studios continue to navigate the uncertain waters of theater closings amid Covid-19 restrictions, yet another studio has decided to forego theaters and send a highly anticipated film to premium video on demand platforms. This time, the film is Lionsgate’s Antebellum.

The film, written and directed by Christopher Renz and Gerard Bush, follows author Veronica Henley (Janelle Monae) who wakes to find herself in a terrifying alternate reality. The film was originally set to release back on April 24th. It was then pushed to August 21st before being pulled from release schedule completely.

Deadline is now reporting that it will premiere on PVOD platforms on September 18, 2020 skipping a theatrical release in the U.S. as major markets are still completely shut down. Antebellum will see theatrical releases in select foreign markets.

Rental for the film will be be $19.99.

The news comes as other big studios are making similar decisions. Just this week Disney announced that it would skip domestic theatrical releases for its live-action update of Mulan, deciding instead to make it available on their own streaming service, Disney+, for $29.99.

Elsewhere, AMC theaters negotiated a deal with Universal Studios reducing the required theatrical window for new releases before they move onto On Demand platforms from 90 days down to only 17 days, a decision that shocked many in the industry.

It is the dawn of a new era, and we will certainly keep you posted as other movie make the same seemingly inevitable transition Antebellum has made.

Will you be watching Antebellum on PVOD? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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