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Well, it’s been a while since we heard Slender Man, a completely fictitious character, being blamed for some kid’s stupidity (sorry for sounding like a crotchety old man, but seriously). It’s been quiet for some time, but we knew that wouldn’t last, as today in the NY Daily News reported a 14 year old girl in Port Richey, Florida apparently set her home ablaze with her mom and 9 year old brother inside Thursday morning after soaking a towel under her door in bleach and rum.

Apparently, the teen had been arguing with her mother about household chores, then was reading about soul eaters on her e-reader and then went to a park near her home to sleep that evening. Luckily, her mother and brother made it out alive after being woken up by the fire alarm at 1:45 a.m. The mother even risked her life to run back into the home after realizing her daughter was not outside, but was turned back due to the intensity of the fire.

While about seventeen firefighters fought to put out the fire for several hours, they even risked their own necks searching for the teen. Later, the mother received the text from her daughter, “Mom, I’m so sorry. I don’t know why I did it. Did any of [YOU]get hurt?”

The teen was later found and is now being charged with one count of arson and two counts of attempted murder and rightfully so. Investigators found that she was obsessed with Slenderman, discovering that she often frequented sites about the character and even writing in her journal things like (in reference to Slender Man) “If this keeps up there will be no safety in this house.”

I know this isn’t the medium to be discussing my own opinion on the matter nor am I qualified to do so, I do hope that justice is served and the young girl gets help. However, Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco told the Suncoast News, “There’s a clear direction… she’s involved in reading these things.” Leaving us to believe that Slender Man is the perfect lamb to the slaughter for an open and shut case, which angers me that in this day and age nobody is held responsible for their actions as long as there is something in pop culture to blame.