Another Stephen King adaptation heads for the big screen

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We can add one more to the list of Stephen King adaptations, as Splice director Vincenzo Natali is bringing In the Tall Grass to the big screen.

This news comes after reports that Stephen King’s It and The Stand will be getting reboots from major Hollywood studios.

Natali revealed to Screen Daily, that along with directing In the Tall Grass, he’s handling the screenplay based on the novella written by King and his son, and fellow horror writer Joe Hill. The story originally appeared in the pages of Esquire in two parts back in 2012, and can now be purchased as an e-book.

In the Tall Grass follows a young man named Cal DeMuth and his pregnant sister Becky. While driving through Kansas, they hear a boy crying out for help in a field of, what else, tall grass. In true horror movie fashion, when they stop to see if they can help the young lad, they find themselves in a dangerous and unexpected situation. Natali goes into more depth, saying:

“When they go to assist the boy, they discover that strange forces are at work. Space is warped so that one minute they are together and the next they are miles apart. The field is an ineffable maze from which there is no escape. Before long they have lost their bearings and each other. But they are not alone…”

Natali is known for films like Cube and Haunter, but has also done a lot of TV work over the last few years on shows like Hannibal, Darknet, and Hemlock Grove. He’s also recognized he’s working from strong source material and has a good start in that regard:

“Who would think that grass could be frightening? Trust Stephen King and Joe Hill to find a way. They have transformed an otherwise innocuous Kansas field into a stage for some of the most disturbing horror fiction I have ever read.”

In the Tall Grass will likely be a smaller sized production, similar to a recently released King adaptation A Good Marriage. There’s no proposed timeline for production, but the producers are heading to Cannes to shop around the pre-sale rights to the film. Stay tuned for more information as it comes.

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