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While the 2014 Annabelle spinoff movie had a lot of problems, early reviews suggest that director David F. Sandberg’s follow-up Annabelle: Creation will get right what its predecessor got wrong.

Personally, I’m planning to check Creation out opening weekend, but for those of you who might still be on the fence about parting with your hard-earned dollars, Warner Bros. is set to offer a kickass incentive to head to the theater.

According to Trailer Track, an exclusive 4-minutes of new footage from fellow WB horror effort IT will be shown prior to screenings of Creation. IT arrives in theaters on September 8th, so one assumes this might be one of the last new rounds of footage that fans get prior to release day.

There is some speculation that the IT footage accompanying Annabelle: Creation will be the scenes that were shown prior to the big trailer reveal at San Diego Comic-Con a few weeks back, but those scenes have never been released online, so even if that ends up being the case, it will still be new to 99% of moviegoers.

IT 2017

Whatever it ends up being, this theatrical 4-minute IT footage reel is not expected to be released online either, so if you wanna see it, you’re gonna need to go witness Creation when it comes out on August 11th.

Even if the IT footage ends up disappointing you for some reason, you’ll still get what looks to be a damn good Annabelle prequel out of the deal.

tim curry